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Promoting your bushiness and Recognizing your people.

An average organization has 67% of their employees that are either actively disengaged or are simply not engaged at all. Similar results can be found for their clients. Helping our clients become part of the other 33% is what ignites our passion at Lipic’s.

We are not just another trinket company or a cookie-cutter recognition firm. We pride ourselves on digging into the heart of the problem and providing custom solutions for each and every client. Instead of throwing dozens of products at you, we take the time to listen to your struggles and needs before developing that customized solution. Do you struggle with turn-over? Or maybe you find it difficult to communicate between your workforce and upper management? Or perhaps you’ve tried marketing yourself, but you just can’t seem to bring in new business. These problems are not new; however, Lipic’s finds new ways to solve them every day.

With 150 years in the St. Louis area, Lipic’s knows what it means to put the customer first. We’ve been around so long because we know what works, and our customers know they can come back to us again and again for a level of service unmatched by anyone else.

Check us out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Lipic’s History

Lipic’s Inc. began in 1863, in a one-room shop in downtown St. Louis where George L. Berg began making fine gold points for wooden pen holders before the invention of the fountain pen. Early in the 20th century, the invention of a pen filled with an eye dropper that could write for as long as a week revolutionized pen design and manufacture. Joseph Lipic, Sr., who married George’s daughter and changed the company’s name to his own, patented one of the first self-filling fountain pens in 1912. Originally known as Lipic’s Radium Point Pen, its method of filling is the one in general use today. The Radium Point was sold to druggists, jewelers and stationers within a 100-mile radius of St. Louis and was the basis for the Joseph Lipic Pen Company. Extensive demand in the United States and Mexico created rapid expansion, and Lipic’s became known as The Pen House of St. Louis.

From the time that George was teaching Joseph the skill of making fine writing points for pens, our family has been perfecting the art of creating customized solutions for each and every client. George and Joseph knew that the only way to keep customers satisfied was to use the finest materials — gold and iridium — and apply the best hand craftsmanship.

Over the 160 years since, we’ve employed that philosophy repeatedly: changing the company with the times to stay current and meet the needs of our customers. Lipic’s has developed expertise in promoting our clients’ businesses — first by imprinting the name of the businesses on pens, now by offering a huge variety of other fine products with company imprints. We’ve also learned to help our clients recognize the achievements of their employees, suppliers, partners and those who have helped their businesses grow. We continue the tradition of using only the finest products available and applying craftsmanship in the details that will ensure success.

Lipic’s is now known as Lipic’s Engagement, providing solutions to ignite passion in your employees and customers.

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