At Awesome Graphics, we specialize in creating our own print-ready vector artwork. However, we will happily accept vector artwork if you have it available. Please review the following art requirements before sending artwork to us.



We will accept the following file types for vector graphics. Please note that while all of these file types are capable of containing vector graphics, they won't always. We will happily review your file and let you know if it is acceptable. Raster files are not recommended, but can be accepted if the art is 600dpi at 100% of print size. 


Acceptable VECTOR file formats (Most preferred to least preferred): 

  • .EPS - Encapsulated PostScript
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format
  • .CDR - Corel Draw
  • .AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • .SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics



  • We can work with RGB and CYMK color profiles, but we prefer all files to be in CYMK color when possible.
  • While we can attempt to match a Pantone color, we can not guarantee a match for digital printing. Screen printing, embroidery, and other services may be able to be matched with an associated fee.



  • With VECTOR files, the computer uses mathematically formulated lines to create an image. These files can be scaled without losing resolution. Vector files do not need to be sized for print. We can resize them appropriately for you.
  • With RASTER files, the image will be distorted and loose quality if scaled. Raster files must be 600dpi at 100% print size.



  • Outline (Convert to curves) all fonts in your file. This ensures that the fonts will display correctly when we open the file on our computers. If we don't have the font installed on our end, your font will still display correctly.
  • If you convert your fonts to outlines, make sure to save a copy without outlined fonts for your record.



  • Send the file in an email to if less than five megabytes.
  • Use our Art Upload page, this will upload the file securely to our webpage, where our staff can download it.
  • Bring in a flashdrive or other external storage device with the file on it.


PLEASE NOTE: All customer submitted artwork will be reviewed by our graphic design department. If there are issues or your art doesn't meet the guidelines above, we will contact you before proceeding with your job.